Sunday, January 9, 2011

30-Day Challenge, Day 8

A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

To a Very Special Friend:
It seems strange to write a letter to you for all the world to see, though I do it often enough when it's just you and me to read it. But I couldn't really think of who else to write a letter to. I suppose almost everyone that comes into our lives changes us in some way, which makes it harder to decide who to write this publicized letter to, especially as if I featured one person in particular, the others who have meant just as much to me might feel hurt and left out. However, you've made such an impact on the lives of so many of my friends that I am confident they feel the same as I do and will not feel left out in the least. :-)

Anyway, there really isn't anybody more deserving of a public "thank you" than you! You've known me all my life... even before I could see clearly or distinguish one word from another, and what's more, you've loved me. To this day, I'm not sure why you did, or why you still do... after all I've done to hurt you and disobey you! The fact that you keep loving me through all that fills my heart with amazement. When I complained about the food you put before me, you could have taken it all away, but you continued to give me food to help me live and grow. When I fought over toys with my little sister out of pride and selfishness in my heart, you could have thrown your hands up in the air and left me alone to have my way and hurt others, but instead you lovingly disciplined me and taught me what selflessness and humility and true love are. When life took its terrifying turns and I found people or things I loved falling from my grasp and I kicked against what you were doing, you could have cast me off as a hopeless case, but instead, you showed me that through it you were always there for me, you would help me through whatever the situation was, and that all I needed, in reality, was you.

And oh-- you remember those times when I got so depressed? Those awful times (and not all that seldom either) when satan was really after me, telling me life was pointless, that I was worthless, that I could never be good, that I might as well not exist? Ohhh, dearest friend, you were so wonderful in those moments. When I felt like I was in despair, you whispered to me, "Let me help you," and I feebly called out your name and asked for some ray of light. You could have ignored my cry because you knew my lack of faith, but instead you spoke in your beautiful, authoritative voice-- you bid satan be gone, and then you wrapped your arms around me and whispered, "Peace, be still." Each time that has happened, it has made me love you even more, because in those times I see your strength and your authority to rebuke those demonic forces that surround the walls of my soul with their battle axes and fiery arrows; I see your steadfast love and kindness in your words of comfort and continual presence; I see your goodness and faithfulness in keeping your promise to hold me in the palm of your hand and never let go. Wow. Even as I write, I remember more and more that I have to thank you for. THANK YOU!!

I'd have to say the biggest thing of all of those thankworthy deeds you have done, it would have to be the day you saved my life. You remember that, I know! I was sentenced to death, and rightfully so. I'm ashamed to think of what I did... so many things, most of which I'd hate to admit... But when I was to die, you stepped up and took my place. Yes-- you died in my place, thereby clearing me from the punishment of my sin and washing my sin away. Then-- oh, this is the best part!!-- you came alive again and gave me new life-- because you are not just like any other person. You are GOD. And because you are God, death couldn't possibly keep you in its chains. You arose a Victor, and I arose with you.

It is for all this and more that I thank you. I know that this was supposed to be a "thank you NOTE" and it turned out to be more of a letter, but how can even a blogpost of this length sufficiently thank you for all you've done?? You are so wonderful and so good and so great that if I had all eternity to thank you, it would never be enough.

Thank you again, dearest Friend! I love you, Jesus!

Love from your ransomed,

"We love Him because He first loved us."


Teddy said...

That was so cool...

Dani said...

Beautiful, Mel... how sweet. I think He enjoyed reading it. :)